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Addresses in North Central Zone Ready for Service!

11:27AM July 11, 2018

There are areas in the North Central Zone that are ready for service! Please refer to the map below. If your address is located in a blue area, we are ready to move forward with a service order for install. If you have already preregistered on CrowdFiber, monitor your email inbox for correspondence from SCTelcom. If you are located in a blue area and have NOT preregistered for service, visit join.sctelcom.net and preregister today. During this stage, the installation fee has been reduced to $25. Once construction in your zone is complete and our crews have moved on to the next zone, an increased installation fee will be applied. There will also be a delay in activation of service due to the fact our crews have moved on to the next zone. As always, please contact us at 877-723-6875 if you have any questions. 

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