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Anthony Fiber Construction Map

4:25PM May 07, 2018

SCTelcom is happy to announce construction for the main fiber network line in the Anthony community is now underway!

The map indicates our progress along with a description of each stage and what you can expect. Most importantly, if you are interested in SCTelcom services, make sure to preregister!

MAKE READY stage- 
During this stage, crews lay the main fiber network line. You can expect to see crews in your neighborhood, as well as equipment and locate flags in alleys or where there is public right of way. This does not mean service to your house. This is the very first stage in a multiple phase project before service can be activated at your residence. 


SPLICING stage- 
Making connections to prepare for installations.  
In order for your zone to continue past this stage, your zone needs to reach designated goals. Get preregistered at join.sctelcom.net and encourage your friends and neighbors to preregister as well. 

You made it! During this stage, residential installations are taking place. When your zone reaches this stage, if you have preregistered, monitor your email inbox and look for correspondence from SCTelcom. We will be contacting you to complete paperwork, run a credit check and collect the $25 installation fee so we can move forward with activating your service. 
If you have not preregistered for services and your zone has reached this stage, it is extremely important to contact us as soon as possible at 877-723-6875 or preregister at join.sctelcom.net. 
During this stage, the installation fee has been reduced to $25. Once construction in your zone is complete and our crews have moved to the next zone, an increased installation fee will be applied. There will also be a delay in activation of service due to the fact our crews have moved on to the next zone.  

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