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Residential Fiber Optics in Anthony on the Horizon

8:28AM February 28, 2018

Press Release (February 26, 2018)

SCTelcom announces they will soon construct a fiber-to-the-home network for residential customers in the Anthony community. SCTelcom has been building Gigabit capable networks since 2001 and is looking to expand their network in Anthony from the business areas of town into residential areas.

Fiber is the basis for cutting edge networks that are not nearly ubiquitous enough in Rural America. When asked about the expansion, CEO, Carla Shearer said, “SCTelcom is committed to investing in the community of Anthony with this project.  We understand the value of bringing fiber optics to residential neighborhoods and look forward to providing quality service to the residents in Anthony.” Fiber not only allows for speeds of a Gigabit per second or more, the network is exceptionally reliable, scalable, and secure allowing for future growth and expansion outside of just lightning fast Internet speeds. 

Preregistrations are currently being collected on the company website – join.sctelcom.net. SCTelcom will begin construction plans based on preregistrations and commitments in specific zones in Anthony.

For more information, please contact SCTelcom at 877-723-6875 or visit join.sctelcom.net to preregister for services.

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