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SCTelcom Begins Construction of a Fiber Optic Network to Cunningham High School

1:13PM July 02, 2019

SCTelcom has been building Gigabit capable networks since 2001 and is happy to announce we are expanding our network to Cunningham. Construction on the main fiber line to Cunningham High School is now underway! This is the very first step in bringing high speed Internet to the school. Constructing the main line is the first phase in this multiple phase project. 

Fiber is the basis for cutting edge networks that are not nearly ubiquitous enough in Rural America. Fiber not only allows for speeds of a Gigabit per second or more, the network is exceptionally reliable, scalable, and secure allowing for future growth and expansion outside of just lightning fast Internet speeds.  

Currently, SCTelcom is constructing the main fiber line to the high school. However, preregistrations for Internet and phone service are being collected for all addresses in Cunningham. This interest will drive SCTelcom’s process. If you are interested in our services, please start by entering your address above. The more preregistrations we receive, the sooner fiber could become available to all residents and businesses in Cunningham. 

To keep the community informed during construction, SCTelcom will provide updates on the company’s Facebook page as well as under the updates tab above. 

For more information, please contact SCTelcom at 877-723-6875.

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