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SCTelcom Making Great Progress Deploying Fiber in Barber County Under the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program

10:27AM June 07, 2021

In March of 2021, SCTelcom was awarded funding under the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program. This program was created to bring critically needed broadband access to Kansas communities. Funded through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE), the Office of Broadband Development administers the program to make more ‘last-mile’ connections possible across the state.

The funds received under the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program will support projects in Barber and Pratt counties. SCTelcom kicked off the program in Barber County. SCTelcom hired Wildcat Construction to lay the main fiber line, and construction has moved along rapidly. Fiber splicing will begin the week of June 7th, and customer service connections will be scheduled soon after the splicer is finished.

Once the project in Barber County is complete, SCTelcom will begin laying the main fiber line in Pratt County.

SCTelcom is excited about investing in our neighbors within our communities. SCTelcom realizes the impact of a reliable connection and the opportunities that it provides.

To keep the community informed, SCTelcom provides updates on the company’s social media pages and website.

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