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Waived Construction Fees for Anthony North Central Zone until December 31, 2018

10:20AM November 08, 2018

SCTelcom has been busy constructing our fiber-to-the-home network for residential customers in the Anthony community. Our crews have been installing high speed Internet and phone service in neighborhoods resulting in many happy customers! 

As our crews are finishing up in the North Central part of town, we are extending our waived construction fees for this area through December 31, 2018. If you are located in this area and have not signed up for our services, please start by entering your address to the right. After December 31, 2018 construction fees up to $250 will be applied to get service to addresses in the North Central zone. 

SCTelcom’s high speed Internet delivered via fiber provides:
• More bandwidth than coaxial, wireless or copper networks at a much faster rate
• An exceptionally reliable network which allows the opportunity to work from home or continue education
• An enhanced quality of life by providing online entertainment and e-commerce
• Increased home value

As always, please contact us at 877-723-6875 with any questions.

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